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Barefoot in Manila

Fishing for compliments. Complimenting for fish. It's a life.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

An afternoon and music. It's the time of the year for the scorching afternoons. Summer is here and so is the sun. My room this very minute feels like a furnace. Even my sweat can't stand the heat, it sizzles and evaporates the minute it leaves my pores.
We've just finished lunch and I'm hiding out in my room. Trying to keep away from the chores that are waiting to be done downstairs.
I've got the Indigo Girls on. The songs are good but I still haven't banished all doubts in my mind that I made the right choice in buying this instead of the Best of Smashing Pumpkins cd. The Indigo Girls Retrospective has 16 songs spanning the length of their career. At Php 280, the cd is a steal since the songs have an enduring quality. They're good musicians and there music makes sense. Not the usual drivel about getting into somebody else's pants and doing whatnot.
The only reason I can't get over passing up on the Smashing Pumpkins cd is the fact that, also at Php 280, it is a better deal. There's a cd that also chronicles their career, with early songs like Siva and the later ones from Machina: The Machines of God. All their hits are there, with an extra cd featuring previously unreleased tracks as a bonus. Add that to the fact that I'm more familiar with their songs and can sing along many of them and you can probably understand my dilemma.
Yesterday, I was toying with the idea of going back to Music One to return the Retrospective and get Pumpkin boy's cd instead. I didn't go though because there was also a big chance that I'll end up regretting that move. I hope I finally get paid on Monday so I can go back and get myself a copy.
Another thing that caught my eye while I was at Music One were the Pearl Jam live cds. They came in a nondescript packaging and it was pretty easy to miss them in the rack. The only reason I picked one up was because I thought it was a cd single. Turns out it's a series on shows they've done in different locations. They are reasonable priced at Php 750 a pop. If I saw these cds about two years ago, there would have been no question that I'd be buying one. I went through college listening to a lot of Pearl Jam and I can't help remembering stuff about school whenever I catch one of their songs on the radio. Unfortunately, I've taken to hating Eddie Vedder lately. I can't stand the man. I can't stand his band. And I probably won't be able to stand his cd.

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Saturday, March 29, 2003

The last hundred meters. We're at the homestretch of the semester, tying up loose ends and cramming for the final exams that will seal our fate for the year. There's still four exams left to study for and yet my minds gone on vacation already.
I doubt that I'll be able to prepare for the exams based on the sked I drew up.
Take this afternoon, for example. Instead of taking my lunch, I went out and bought a cd. And one that I'm currently regretting having bought, at that. I wonder if they'll still let me exchange it for something else. The trip to the record store wasn't a total waste though because I managed to stumble along a gem on my way home. I dropped by this bookstore selling previously owned books and I saw a copy of Hallucinating Foucault. I read this book about three years before and I really loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy my own copy at that time.
Now three years later, I stumble upon a good copy (no creases on the binding!) at roughly one-sixth of what it cost then.
Talk about little nuggets of grace.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Still here. I can't believe how much I let things slide. It's been more than a month since I posted something here. I'm still feeling a little out of sorts. It's almost 2:00 am and I'm supposed to be asleep now but all I can think about is not getting some sleep.
I just had my Criminal Procedure exam about 4 hours ago. After downing two cups of coffee and getting all wired up about the exam, my hand was shaking so bad I could hardly write. I'm sure even the guys across the room could hear me take deep breaths everytime I feel like my heart is beating too fast and too hard for blood vessels in my brain.

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