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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Glamorama? One big "Huh? What exactly was the novel about?" is how I reacted when I got to the last page of Brett Ellis Easton's Glamorama. I've had the book in my shelf for more than a year and during the break, I finally decided to read it.
It was confusing, to say the least. The protagonist, Victor Ward, was going through all these crazy stuff and while at it, he kept on seeing film crews following him around. Since I forgot to chuck my incredulity, I was thinking all along that maybe there really isn't a film crew following him all over the place (how crazy is that?), and the book will take a curious Fight Club/Beautiful Mind turn somewhere in the middle. But I got to the end of the story and the damn film crews were still there.
And all along, there was actually this other person supposedly impersonating Victor Ward/Johnson and, eventually, taking his place in the 'real world'. The hell!
So what's real and what's not? I hate it when a book plays mind games with me. I'll probably read it again next year. Maybe I'll totally get it then.

2003, finally. This is me greeting everyone in the world a Happy New 2003. I hope this year will be great.


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