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faithfool i want to believe

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Googlestalking. I was randomly going through some blogs (via NextBlog) when I came across the term Googlestalking. Now I have a name for what I've been doing to this hapless person for the past year.
It's amazing how much you find out about people from the net. Now I have this person's e-mail address, ICQ number, and home phone number.
Now if only I can work up the nerve to actually do something...

Interesting? Don't you just find people who keep responding to your comments by nodding their heads and saying "interesting" as a bit pretentious? When you do that, what exactly are you trying to convey? That you are taking my thoughts seriously?
Are you just saying it for the heck of saying it or are you really finding my comments interesting in the sense of 'that's a really good idea and I wonder why I didn't think of that before'? If you're doing all these for the latter reason, I don't believe you. Sure, I'm charming. But I'm not that smart and my ideas aren't really original.
Otherwise, I'd have won a Palanca, a Pulitzer, or a Booker prize already.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

The last hurdle. Today is my last day of class. That sounds really good. I just have to tackle a few big hurdles––one paper on legal theory, a final written examination on Constitutional Law, and an oral examination for Property––and then I'm home free.
I'm one semester closer to graduation.
Seven semester to go.
Hey, I just might make it. :)

One big wow! is all I can say. This website is almost perfect. I like the layout, I like the blue, I like the fonts.
I followed the link from kottke.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Move your butt. "We are not the circumstances of our life, we are what we do with those circumstances. That's what I try to write about." Chuck Palahniuk

Sunday, October 06, 2002

T.O.M.S. is The Object of My Stalking to you. I've been wanting to talk about this for sometime now but somehow I never get around to doing it.
There isn't exactly anything to tell. Nothing so far has happened. And I doubt that anything will.
Before you mistake me for some psycho, let me clarify that "stalking" in this context is not used to denote that act which is punishable by law. Stalking as I use it leans more closely to unrequited love (if I may be so bold as to use that word). The plot has thickened considerably since last year. Recent information that surfaced buttress earlier suspicions that TOMS does have a sordid past (I drown in the muck just thinking about it) and still carries on in an equally scandalous manner. It's really disconcerting when people tell me stories about him. It's like he's this amoral, amorous monster who'll hook up with anyone (and anything!) just for the heck of it. This information should at least give me hope because then it means I have a chance with him.
Except that he hasn't deigned to hook up with me thus far. I know. There are deep metaphysical questions that need to be answered about why this "congress" hasn't happened. But I won't go into that because I may not like the answers I get.
Anyway, as John Mayer says "I am invincible as long as I'm alive."
You don't know how much hope this gives me.

Suck-hira. The tv is blaring with Shakira's weird voice doing exotic vocal stunts as her belly tries to equal her throat's gyrations. I admit that at first I thought that her being on stage getting paid to do all these things was a good idea.
Well, I now realize it's not.
It's actually very, very scary.


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