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faithfool i want to believe

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

personality matches the Brazillian national team

I'm as cool and relaxed as people say I am, yet this doesn't stop me from showing some true flare from time to time!

the quiz,
by tunde

Monday, July 01, 2002

Peace is a state of mind. And that is what i have right now. I refuse to be affected by people or situations. I am complete and perfect in myself. I shall not ask for more than I can do.
Jai guru deva om is what Lennon and McCartney wrote a few years ago. That's the first line of the refrain of the song Across The Universe. It's a line I don't understand, by the way. I've been obssessing about the song for more than a week now. It makes me feel so at peace and satisfied. Nothing's gonna change my world. He he he
I learned to play the song on the guitar last night. I should have been reviewing but... My friend lent me a copy of the I Am Sam soundtrack, where Rufus Wainwright covers the song. It's a good version but I think that Fiona Apple's version is better. It sounds like there's a healthy helping of stoicism mixed in with the "om"ing.
I haven't heard of the Beatle version of the song though. According to a page I visited, and from where I got the chords to the song, there are two versions done by the Beatles. One, a bit slower, could be found on the Let It Be album. Another one, where John sings the song a bit faster, is featured in a compilation album.


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