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Thursday, June 06, 2002

This one's old. I wrote this entry about 10 minutes after I saw High Fidelity. That was last Saturday. I wasn't able to post it because my ISP was acting up (again!). Anyway, here it is.

Wow! That's pretty much all I can say and yet this three-letter word encapsulates everything.
Allow me to wax ecstatic.
I love John Cusack. I love High Fidelity. I love music. And I love books too, although that isn't what the film is about. And I pretty much got the movie.
The lines that stuck to my mind are about not telling people we meet (and like!) about what we are like but about what we like. I can really relate to that. Usually, when I meet someone I really like, I start asking them questions like, "What kind of music do you listen to?" or "What books have you read lately?". I like to think that I'm a person who can easily get along with different kinds of people. That's true. But for those people whom I'd really respect, I tend to get more snobbish. I want them to listen to the kind of music I listen to. Or at least not like the kind of music I hate. The same goes for books and television and movies.
My brother once asked me why I gave so much importance to these stuff. Well, other people may find it trivial but for me, it's really important. I've always felt that only if you listen to the stuff I listen to will you ever truly get me. I'll never be able to explain why I feel melancholic whenever I listen to Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. But you'll know (or at least have an idea) about what I'm saying when you do listen to that song too.
Well, enough about that.There's the love angle in the movie as well. All I really want to say about that is that I'll marry John Cusack anytime.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

This is the best. Dave Matthews Band Live at Luther College is my favorite cd. I also think it is DMB's best recording to date. I've had the cd for close to three years and I've never gotten tired of it.
There's always a song to discover or rediscover. I bought it because I just loved Crash Into Me. Now I'm in love with Two Step.
Here's my top five favorite songs from the cd as of today, 05 June 2002:
1. Two Step
2. Little Thing
3. #41
4. Ants Marching
5. Lover Lay Down

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Here's another one that I got from the mail. I think it really captures the office situation.
It's a fine sunny day in the forest, and a lion is sitting outside his cave, lying lazily in the sun. Along comes a fox, out on a walk.
Fox : "Do you know the time, because my watch is broken"
Lion : "Oh, I can easily fix the watch for you"
Fox : "Hmm. But it's a very complicated mechanism, and your great claws will only destroy it even more."
Lion : "Oh no, give it to me, and it will be fixed"
Fox : "That's ridiculous! Any fool knows that lazy lions with great claws cannot fix complicated watches."
Lion : "Sure they do, give it to me and it will be fixed".
The lion disappears into his cave, and after a while he comes back with the watch which is running perfectly. The fox is impressed, and the lion continues to lie lazily in the sun, looking very pleased with himself.
Soon a wolf comes along and stops to watch the lazy lion in the sun.
Wolf : "Can I come and watch TV tonight with you, because mine is broken."
Lion : "Oh, I can easily fix your TV for you."
Wolf : "You don't expect me to believe such rubbish, do you? Here is no way that a lazy lion with big claws can fix a complicated TV."
Lion : "No problem. Do you want to try it?"
The lion goes into his cave, and after a while comes back with a perfectly fixed TV. The wolf goes away happily and amazed.
Inside the lion's cave. In one corner are half a dozen small and intelligent looking rabbits who are busily doing very complicated work with very detailed instruments. In the other corner lies a
huge lion looking very pleased with himself.
In the context of the working world:

The difference between genius and stupidity is the genius has its limits.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Which John Cusack Are You?

The verdict is in. Yes, I just had to know which John Cusack I was. Apparently, I'm a John Cusack that I don't know from a movie I've never seen. Take the test and tell me who you are.


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