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About Me

Assuming that starting today you'll be regularly reading my entries, you'll meet me as a soon-to-be 26 year-old who is about to go back to law school after a year's break. Reading about what I do now would be akin to walking into the middle part of a film, with no idea how the story started. That's actually okay with me since chances are I probably won't know that much about you anyway. But since you insist, here's a mini-summary of what I have been doing for the past 25 years. Of course, this won't be a year-by-year account. I'll be skipping those years when nothing important happened.


I was born. It was early May. It was raining a lot. I wasn't feeling too well either. I had to stay at the hospital for three weeks because I was jaundiced.


My brother was born. I had to be deported to the province because there was no one to take care of me.


I started school. I had this really smart teacher who was sweet and vile at the same time. I enjoyed the games she devised to make us learn faster. I even learned to sing the ABC in reverse (starting from Z). She had really long nails though. And if you didn't study your lessons or didn't have your own pencil, she would pinch you at the crotch. Aaww!


I start school in Manila. It was a private school run by the Augustinian sisters. This is where I start my confusion and angst over religion.


My paternal grandfather died and I started being afraid of ghosts.


Marcos was kicked out of Malacanang Palace after 20 years of playing God in the Philippines. We didn't have classes for more than a week.


I got scolded by my teacher when I left the classroom key inside the drawer of the teacher's table. The whole class couldn't get into the room. My teacher was so mad she threatened to flunk me.


Best memory: We had all finished dissecting frogs the day before. We all barely made the 5 pm deadline. When we submitted our projects, we were all in a hurry to go home so we just stashed the bottles of formaldehyde wherever we could. The following day, our class adviser freaked out when she smelled the stink the formaldehyde made. She opened the drawers of the teacher's table and uncovered several bottles. Following the clues that her nose hinted, she discovered several more hidden behind the blackboard. She lined up all the bottles on top of her table and ordered us to kneel. We couldn't get up unless the owners owned up to their bottles. Nobody did. This made her even more mad. She threated to break the bottles in front of us, never mind if we got injured by the splinters. Nobody still owned up. Well, she couldn't commit murder right? So she just threw away everything and yelled her head off. Hey, I was a good girl. I brought my bottle home the day before.


Our class went to a retreat in a resthouse in Laguna. We suffered from food poisoning when the enterprising cook decided to recycle the previous night's rice for our breakfast. Some of us had to be hospitalized. I puked my guts out. When we got back to Manila, everything was such a mess. Hey, we even got into the papers. We could have been instant celebrities but the stupid journalist didn't even get our names right.


Entered college. Best memory: My teacher Pepe Miranda telling me that my thought process was so slow. To top it off, I was an hour late for my finals in his class. Hey, I didn't do bad at all. I got a 1.25 in his class. That's a good grade. The highest grade they give in college here is a 1.0.


For the first time in my life, I flunked. I couldn't freakin' believe it!


Was supposed to have graduated but I didn't because of my stupid thesis. Bummed around for a year. Not good for the wallet but it did wonders for my soul.


Started working for a government sports agency. I couldn't get ahead though because I don't have a diploma. I started working on my thesis again and finally graduated October 1998.


Studied for an MA in Public Administration. The course sucked so, after a year, I got out.


I went to law school.

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