on living, or dying, if you prefer
"Do you believe that we might last a thousand years or more, if not for this, our flesh and blood. It ties us." Dave Matthews, Two Step

one true love
"In this world, I can see millions waiting in the sun. So I'd like to believe there'll be one of us for everyone. Enough to go around. But that's not what I found." sung by Semisonic, from the album All About Chemistry

for valentine's day
"My heart is like a pawnshop filled with unredeemed pleasures." - Lily, in Saul Bellow's Henderson, The Rain King

"Stalking a victim can be a way of organizing one's loneliness, making a network of it, a fabric of connections. Desperate men give their solitude a purpose and a destiny." Don de Lillo, Libra

on life
"Everybody has got to figure out experience for himself. There are no group solutions! Each individual must work it out for himself. All a person can do in this life is to gather about him his integrity, his imagination, and his individuality--and with these ever with him, out front and in sharp focus, leap into the dance of experience." - the Chink in Tom Robbins' Even Cowgirls get the Blues

some takes on happiness

Happiness is a learned condition. - Tom Robbins
Happiness is egg-shaped. - The Seahorses

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