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{confraternity of the egg 101}
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how the egg was hatched...
No one actually knows when the idea for the confraternity of the egg was born.
Some believe that the gift of the egg first came to the founder, Egg Mandino, while he was on his way to Quiapo. He was allegedly walking in the side streets of downtown Manila when he accidentally fell into a manhole. If it had been a manhole in Japan, he would have died instantly. By the grace of the cosmos, however, Egg Mandino fell into a manhole in downtown Manila. And as with other manholes born and bred in Manila, it was full of stinking garbage. The only injury he sustained was an egg-shaped concussion.
What others saw as a minor injury signified a second chance at life for Egg Mandino. In front of the mirror, while nursing the growing hill of coagulated blood on his forehead, he vowed that he would spend the rest of his life preaching the philosophy of the egg. This was to become the Personal Legend that he devoted his life to achieve.
This story is generally viewed as apocryphal by the cynics. What is beyond doubt, however, is that the confraternity of the egg was born out of the potent combination of latent insanity, a huge helping of boredom, and a dash of desperation. Since 1998, the confraternity has succeeded in changing a whole generation's philosophy and way of life. Egg Mandino gave voice to the aspirations of a generation fed up with living aimless lives, not to mention enduring all those pop boy bands.
The egg is a lot like life. It is a circle, but not a perfect circle. In life, everything happens in cycles, but not in perfect cycles.
1. Egg people are flexible. They easily adapt to their environment, whether the surface is hard or soft. They just rock and roll.
2. Egg people are extremely delicate. You have to deal with eggs the way you deal with people. If you press too hard or play around with them too much, their shells might break. And there's nothing worse than an egg with a broken shell--it goes bad, it smells, it rots.
3. As with people, you must also go beyond the shell to know what's inside an egg. If it has a rotten yolk, it won't matter one bit if an egg is all dressed up for Easter or is wearing the emperor's new clothes.
4. Eggs, like people, have to transcend their shells in order to grow. The only way to soar in the sky is to break out of your shell and leave your nest behind.
5. Like people, all eggs are born equal. It doesn't matter if they came from an eagle or or a quail. You can always boil and eat them.
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