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Barefoot in Manila

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dog worries. I had a little scare about a few weeks back when my 11-year-old ( human years) dog got sick. It was nothing serious, Kringkring just had a small gash. I think the sight of blood just scared me. Blood has a way of making things seem more critical than they really are. I guess it's because blood represents life, and when you're bleeding its like literally seeing your life ran out of you.

To top it off, I was set to have one of my finals the week Kringkring got sick. I wasn't to concentrate on studying because I kept on checking up on her and how she was doing. I'm thankful that she got better about a day before the exam. At least I was able to study, even if for just a bit.

She's a lot better now. Surprisingly, she's become more active now than before. Heh, could it be because she had a big scare too and resolved to make the most out of life? Can dogs have thoughts like that?

.: posted by cecille 6:42 AM