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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

My brain is tired. February is all about midterms. I had one last week, another just last night, and yet another on Tuesday. I'm tired of thinking and my brain feels like it's about to conk out.
So I've been thinking up some inducements to inspire me to work a bit harder just til I get past the last exam. On Wednesday next week, am buying one of the following:
1. The Vines, Highly Evolved
2. Tori Amos, the new one where A Sordid Fairytale is.
3. Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head
4. The new one by Oasis (and I still haven't gotten over their concert being cancelled).
I prefer buying Tori Amos' cd though. I have a copy of her album with the Cornflake Girl song and I've been playing it while studying. It's worked quite nicely so far. The songs have an unobtrusive quality so that they'll fade nicely into the background while am busy memorizing codal provisions. When I feel like taking a break though, they're also great for singing along to.
But Tori's not good at keeping you from falling asleep.