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faithfool i want to believe

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Oh. I was doing this Chinese Horoscope thing that a friend sent me. It said that the song that describes my attitude toward life is "Pardon Me." Well, that explains everything.

And also... the song that best describes the state of my mind is "stellar." Ahem... ahem...

Not exactly. Try looking at the top of your browser window and you'll probably see this

{trying to get myself some gravity}

Sometimes when the browser window is not set to full size, the text that appears is "trying to get myself some." Well, that's not exactly the message that I'm trying to convey so don't get any ideas.

"What's on the radio?" you ask, and I answer "me!" For about five minutes yesterday, my glorious voice carressed the airwaves nationwide.
I was listening to NU 107's morning show, Zach and Joey in the Morning. The segment "small talk at the breakfast table" was on and they were talking about how the Philippines could do better in the next Asian Games. I called them up to give them a piece of my mind, thinking that a station flunkie would probably just take my name and comments and I'll be done with it. So this guy answers and I tell him that I used to work for the government office in charge of sports and I'd like to give some comments. Then this guy goes, "Zach, zach.... (unintelligible murmurs)" in the background and the next thing I hear is "You can put the phone down now."
So I do.
But then Zach, on air, tells everyone that "we have here **** who used to work for the PSC." But since I put the phone down already (it turns out what the voice said was "don't put the phone down"), all he got was dead air. Zach asked me to call again. And me, being the media-hungry, attention-deficient person that I am, dialed back as fast as I could.
And then I was on air.
24 hours later, I can't exactly recall what I said. I think it was about athletes eating instant noodles instead of good, nutritious food. But I can distinctly recall that I was able to say "big fat slobs" although I can't remember the context.
I just hope that it wasn't because Zach asked me to describe my former bosses.


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