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Friday, June 14, 2002

Bye! There goes another one. is dead. I've been visiting it on and off for the past two years. It's such a shock that it didn't survive. And to think I thought they were doing well.

Welcome back! First off, let me just say that the world revolves around me. Therefore, anything and everything that happens in this world is aimed at getting a reaction out of me.
Now that we got the basic premises out of the way, allow me to proceed.

I just got home from my first class back in law school. Boy, was that such a riveting re-introduction into the big, bad world of studying the law.
The teacher we got is tough. Classes weren't even supposed to start until Monday but he wanted to have class tonight. He also gave us about 15 cases to read for tonight's class.
And that's just for starters.
When he began to enumerate the house rules, I had to grab unto the back of the chair for support. What rules, you ask?
1. We're not supposed to bring our readings (photocopies, books, etc.) in class.
2. We're supposed to make digests (summaries) of each case assigned and make an outline of the discussion scheduled for that day. No computer encoded text, no photocopies. Notes must be in our own handwriting.
3. When called on to recite, we can glance at our notes. Note that glance is the operative word, not read. According to him, there's a world of difference between the two.
4. After your recitation, you're supposed to submit your notebook to be checked. If you don't have notes, you'll get a 4 even if you deserve a 1 (the highest grade) for your excellent answers.
He also has an excellent memory. We were talking about Marbury vs. Madison and when nobody could give the answer, he recited Justice Marshall's decision word for word. That's like six paragraphs. Sans any mistake.

I'm so blown away by what transpired in class tonight that I can only think in non sequiturs: I love Mika Immonen's smile, and the Blur song Girls Against Boys won't quite playing in my mind.


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