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faithfool i want to believe

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Look for me elsewhere.Here's a comment I posted at It's about haircuts, and how I always seem to get the worst of them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Look what we got, a whiner! I was reading the previous entry and I realized that things are actually going well for me, despite some minor disappointments. What the hell am I whining about?

I smell a rat! Well, I don't really. But rats have been in my thoughts lately. The great Billy Corgan once said, "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage." That is so true.
My recent attempts to leave my present job have been foiled. One company had their office in rather remote area, populated mostly by factories and vacant lots. That's not a good place to be in when you're working overtime and you leave the office at nine in the evening. The other company I applied to was right in the heart of the Ortigas business district, about two blocks from where I presently work. I liked the people there and i really hoped that I would end up working for them. Unfortunately, they were not prepared to pay me what I was asking for. Instead, they asked if I was willing to get less than I am currently receiving. I said no. I felt bad about what happened but I understood where they were coming from. They were looking for a Technical Writer and all the articles I submitted weren't really about technical stuff. They were apprehensive that I wouldn't be able to write about, much less understand, the software that they develop.
So back to square one.
The only consolation I get is that more side-projects have been coming my way recently. I just finished two and am set to start work on another one. These compensate for the low pay am currently getting.

Monday, May 20, 2002

A vampire groupie would do just as well. I am in love with Lestat right now. If he were truly real, he wouldn't even have to say a word. A mere glance is enough. I'll be his groupie forever.
He, he. What a laugh! A vampire groupie? Me? Well, I used to declare to everyone I knew that being a groupie of a band was so passe'. I'd rather be a philosopher groupie. Well, I never did find a philosopher--at least not one as old as I am and with whom I agree with. So now, am ditching philosophers in favor of vampires. Lestat can philosophize just as well as any mortal, except for the fact that his attention span is rather limited.
I don't know why it tool me so long to read The Vampire Chronicles. God knows I've known about it for years. Now I know what I've been missing.
I am not retracting my devotion for Clive Barker. I love him more than I love Anne Rice. I guess it's true what they say, first love never dies. He he he.
Besides, Anne Rice's official website sucks.


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