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faithfool i want to believe

Friday, May 03, 2002

A lot of this is obiter, but that doesn't mean these won't be interesting. Here's a meme on law for law freaks, students, teachers, or just anybody with no better use for their time. I wish something like this could be done for issues and developments in Philippine law. I could do it but where am I going to find the time to work for a living? If somebody's willing to pay me to work on it full time, I might volunteer. Any takers?

A voice over IP. More like putting up a voice on intellectual property issues. I was being interviewed yesterday for a new job. The interviewer noted that I was working toward to a law degree. She asked me what area i intended to specialize in and I told her that I was very much interested in intellectual property rights. If you're as keen on the topic as I am, check out Copyfight: IP Law, Politics, and Technology on the Net for the latest developments in the field.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Call this a metapost. I get the feeling that nobody's linking to this blog so I thought, "Why don't I do it?" Well, here it is: {confraternity of the egg}

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

A toast to the workers. Hey, I'm a worker so Happy Labor Day to me. Today is the day for each one of us who work and contribute our taxes to the government. Let's love ourselves a little more than usual.

The reason why we're all pissed. The latest survey results from Pulse Asia show that more Filipinos believe that they're lives have gotten worse over the years. Call me blind to reality or optimistic, if you will, but I really can't see where all this is coming from. Sure, some people may be experiencing a decline in their way of life. That's just natural because our livelihood is dependent upon the flux of the economy. But for this pessimism to cut across all economic classes? I can't find an explanation for that. Personally, I can say that for the past few years, my economic situation has gotten better.
Where then do we attribute this bleak outlook that seems to be afflicting everyone in the community? I'd like to hazard a theory.
I think it's because of all the telenovelas, the soap operas. In the past few years, the number of soaps being shown on primetime has increased. The country's top two channels give us a serving of three (yes, three!) soaps a night. If we count the imported telenovelas shown earlier in the day, the number of soaps on Philippine tv shown each day could easily reach up to 12. That's 12 (daily) fixes of misery, pain, bitterness, and whatever other equally unfortunate circumstance the writers come up with. Even Norman Vincent Peale will forget the power of positive thinking amidst all this misery.
What scares me is that, while some of us may achieve catharsis by emphatizing with all the trials the characters go through, we may also be unsciously psyching ourselves into believing that, in order to be fulfilling, life has to have healthy helpings of misery. Maybe this is the reason why we, as a country, can't get ahead: We have romanticized despair and misfortune too much.
I remember that in the late 80s and early 90s, when the Philippine economy wasnt doing too well, sitcoms were all the rage. Maybe that's why we were able to grow economically in the mid 90s. Unfortunately, now that things are starting to look up, we've decided to concentrate our energies on getting ourselves down.

Monday, April 29, 2002

The end of an era. This guy leaves the Eraserheads and I know, without a doubt, that my youth is gone. Don't get me wrong, I'm still young. It's just that when the icons of your youth start to either drop dead like flies or do things you never expected them to do, you realize that things are irrevocably changing. Ely Buendia leaves the band and I say to myself, "Hey, I'm all grown up."
I first started listening to them in 1993, about a few months before they hit it big. There songs were the soundtrack to my college years. I studied, passed exams, failed subjects, met people, and had a falling out with others: Through it all, their songs were playing in the background. Of course, as I got older, I began experimenting with other bands. I stopped buying their cds. But there would still be one or two songs from their album that I'd like.
And now, Eli is leaving the band.
I heard they got a new singer, a girl. But even if they'd gotten a guy, the voice will still be different, the sound will never be the same.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

My thoughts exactly. Sometimes I have convictions that I couldn't really put into words so I'm not even that conscious that I believe them. And then I come across a word, phrase, or sentence that is able to give voice to these beliefs. Here's Anne Rice on the subject of good and evil. Her words (from the book The Feast of All Saints) struck a chord with me.
"When you find out that there is no ultimate good and evil in which you can place your faith, the world does not fall apart at the seams. It simply means that every decision every decision is more difficult, more critical, because you are creating the good and evil yourself and they are very real."

Something new. I've just changed the layout of this page. I don't know if it's any better than the one I had before. What I'm sure though is that it's simpler, and I like that. I got tired of all those boxes at the sides that I constantly had to update (and almost never do). I'm thinking of adding other pages though.
Gray dominates the page. My friend said that the page looks boring with all the gray. Well, I don't know. I like gray right now. I have a gray state of mind at the moment.


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